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NurseBrain® is an evidence based SBAR smart assistant that helps nurses remember everything they have to do, handover patients quickly and clock out on time. You can use your NurseBrain® to keep track of all the new orders coming in while still providing care to your patients. All the information you enter into NurseBrain® is stored securely on the cloud and is accessible through your phone, tablet and work computer. And when your shift is ending, share your neatly organized NurseBrain® report sheet with the next nurse for a quick and smooth patient handoff!

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More than your typical paper report sheet

Evidence Based

The built in SBAR method makes nurse-to-nurse and nurse-to-provider communication much clearer and concise resulting in improved patient safety and outcomes.


Share a copy of your NurseBrain® report sheet with the incoming nurse prior to your nursing handoff so they can easily follow along and get a much appreciated head start.


Quickly access your NurseBrain® report sheet anytime from any device. Add, edit or remove patients and tasks as needed throughout your shift without missing a beat.


No Protected Health Information, or PHI is collected or stored on our secure servers. Not even your patient's age or admission date (yeah, that's considered PHI too).

Your shift, your style, your way. Checklists, reminders, progress indicators and more. We have the tools to organize your shift just the way you like it... on time!


Ever lost your paper brain or have a super crazy shift you could barely read your own notes during handoff? You'll love your neatly organized and color coded NurseBrain® report sheet.

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