The Ultimate Nurse Report Sheet

Helping nurses spend more time with patients & less on busywork

Streamlined Nursing

You didn’t become a nurse to spend half your shift in front of a computer. NurseBrain fixes this by automating your charting and organizing your patient info & tasks in one convenient place. With everything so clear and straightforward, it’s easy to make good decisions quickly and confidently. Let NurseBrain handle the busywork so you can do what you do best, saving lives and making a difference.

Get Info

Securely access and share accurate HIPAA-compliant info from your EHR with colleagues in realtime.

Save Time

Handoff patients instantly, eliminate double charting and spend less time digging through patients' charts.

Stay Ahead

Work proactively with smart customizable tools that lighten your workload.

Built for Nurses by Nurses

“When nurses build the solutions to the challenges they face, the difference shows.”

Reduce Nurse Burnout

NurseBrain reduces nurses' documentation burden and automates their workflows in order to reduce burnout and improve patient outcomes.

Provide Excellent Care

NurseBrain provides nurses with simple-to-use nursing tools and resources to efficiently manage complex patient care in realtime.

Improve Patient Safety

NurseBrain helps reduce medical errors through evidence-based communication frameworks and standardized workflows.

Access On the Go

Quickly access your NurseBrain nurse report sheet anytime securely from any device whenever you need it, right at your fingertips.


30+ Reviews


100+ Reviews


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"This app has made it so easy to organize the tidbits of info I jot down during my shift and present them confidently during report!"
Angelica, RN
"Licensed Practical Nurse I'm an Alabama LPN and this is by far the best nurse PDA app I've seen."
Emily, LPN
"I really like how the todo-list notifications help me stay on track! This is clutch during busy shifts."
Jay, RN

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