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Vital Signs Assessment

What are Vital Signs? Vital signs are measurements of the body to check your body’s basic functions. You might be thinking, why do we call them “vital signs,” right? This is because accessing vital signs is the first critical step used to assess patients. If you’ve been to an emergency department, you have definitely seen

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AIDET in Nursing Practice

AIDET refers to certain communication behaviors that build a positive relationship between a nurse and a patient. It was introduced by the Studer Group and stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank you.  According to Huron (2021), AIDET is a framework used by health care professionals which helps reduce patient stress/anxiety and increases patient

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What is C-I CARE?

Healthcare professionals have a duty to provide the best possible care to their patients. Therefore, they must ensure patient satisfaction with the quality of care they provide. To give the best possible care, nurses and healthcare providers should be able to build a therapeutic relationship with their clients. Communication plays a significant role in building

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How to give a Nursing Handoff Report using SBAR

Starting as a nurse or nursing student, giving handoff reports can feel intimidating. The SBAR method provides a clear framework for concise and effective reports, ensuring patient safety and continuity of care. Want to take the stress out of patient handoffs and ensure nothing falls through the cracks? Download the NurseBrain app! Our HIPAA compliant

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