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AIDET in Nursing Practice

AIDET refers to certain communication behaviors that build a positive relationship between a nurse and a patient. It was introduced by the Studer Group and stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank you.  According to Huron (2021), AIDET is a framework used by health care professionals which helps reduce patient stress/anxiety and increases patient …

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Medication Administration Routes

Administering medications is one of the most important parts of nursing care. As you know, Right Route is one of the most important rights of medication administration among other medication rights. When administering medications, it is important to assess whether your intervention is beneficial to your patient or not and monitor for any potential side …

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nursing delegation

How to delegate effectively as a registered nurse

Nurses often work in acute work environments where patients’ lives are on the line. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for a nurse to learn how to prioritize and make decisions quickly and effectively. This is a skill that some new nurses struggle with. Understanding which tasks to delegate to LPN/LVNs (licensed practical nurses), CNA (certified …

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